Everything You Need To Know About Slit Lamp

Everything You Need To Know About Slit Lamp

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A slit lamp is an important tool when you are having an eye diagnosis.  Slit Lamp for ophthalmic has helped to diagnose quite a large number of eye diseases. Before any diagnosis is made, there is a special type of dye applied to the eyes to make the process easier and more effective.

The slit lamp is used to properly diagnose your eyes and get the details of what could be the problem. Slit lamps have highly increased the accuracy of health professionals and have currently been ranked as a must have for medical professionals.

The slit lamp exam is done in a procedure referred to as biomicroscopy. By placing the instrument at the front of your eye, the doctor is also able to see the details at the back of your eyes and hence make proper discoveries to your optical problems.

Some of the conditions that can be diagnosed using the slit lamp include muscular problems. Removing of cataracts, damages to the cornea and vein problems in the eye.

Basically, a slit map contains three parts. It has a microscope that is adjustable through an arc. The slit map also contains a source of light that is regularly adjusted by the health professional. Lastly, the slit map contains a frame that helps to hold the patients head in position.

How to Use a Slit Lamp

As a professional, you will increasingly have happier patients due to an accurate diagnosis. However, before using the Slit lamp, you should ensure that your patients do not have eye conditions may cause them to be affected by the liquids that are applied to the eyes.

So how do you use a slit lamp?

-The first step is ensuring that the patient being observed has no lenses in his or her eyes.

– The doctor/optician/health professional should then put an eye dye. They are a variety of them and will basically help in highlighting areas of interest and they also help in protecting the eye against intense light.

-The health professional should then put the head of the patient on the frame of the slit lamp.

– The health professional should then adjust the slit lamp and apply a varying amount of light rays to the slit lamp to make accurate observations on the eyes. Not only does the health professional look at the internal parts of the eyes but also looks at the surface of the eyes on parts like the hair follicle to determine if there are any infections.

The Latest Slit Lamp Used By Optometrist

Newer slit lamps are more accurate in the diagnosis of eye problems. They also affect the patient’s eye in a lesser way, unlike traditional slit lamps. The procedure for observation is also quick and efficient.

Below are some of the latest slit lamps used by optometrists.

1. Haag-Streit BQ 900

Haag Streit BQ 900

The slit lamp is closer and is basically able to add more details unlike past series of the microscope. The Haag-Streit bq 900 comes with quite a large number of objective lenses which can interchangeably be used and hence provide better retinal imaging of the eye under question. The Haag-Streit BQ 900 is able to produce both still photographs and video copies.

The best part about Haag-Streit BQ 900 is that it is keen to details and hence used by a variety of professionals and specialists since it is able to provide optimal details for a variety of specialists.

2. Haag Streit bm 900

Haag Streit bm 900 slit lamps have highly been simplified and are very effective. They minimize the effect of the light dispersed on the eyes. The health professional is able to easily adjust the amount of light that is getting to the eyes and hence get enough details on what is expected at a limited amount of time.

The slit lamp is also easily adjustable and can be able to form different tilts. The image quality of Haag Streit bm 900  is superb compared to other eye observing instruments. The instrument comes with two types of tonometers. There is the manual tonometer, on the other hand, there is the automatic tonometer that adjusts itself automatically and yields the best results as much as possible.

The bm 900 also comes with adjustable prisms that can be easily disposed and hence prevents infections from the eye from one patient to the other.

More to that it also comes with a wide range of objective lenses and other accessories in case of damage. It also comes with short illumination mirrors that help in providing a better view.

3. Topcon sl-1e

This tool comes with two types of models. There is unit one and the table model. However, both of them are easily portable. Both of them have them have the same net weight of 18kgs.  The tool also comes with inbuilt filters that come in different colors we have the green, blue and the heat absorbing filters. The slit angles can continually be accessed from left to right in a continuous angle.

Topcon sl-1e comes with a 90-day warranty and the material that has been used to make it is highly portable and hardy.

The slit lamp comes with a user manual that will guide you on how you can use the slit lamp step by step and hence it is hard to be caught up.  It also comes with a variety of illuminations.

More to that Topcon sl-1e comes with a joystick that can easily be adjusted and is easier to help in adjusting the frame and hence help in proper observation of the patient’s eyes or help in focusing magnifications. Topcon sl-1e comes with a variety of inbuilt filters.

4. Topcon sl-d2

Topcon sl-d2 comes with a disintegrated digital camera and basically has a very high resolution and hence providing accurate results for imaging. It also contains a range of adjustable controls that will help in proper imaging and focusing of the eyes and hence getting accurate results and diagnosing of the eyes.

You can choose the unit one or on the other hand, you can also choose the table configuration of the slit lamp depending on your preference. The slit lamps come with three convenient magnification ratios they include the X10, X16, and X25.6. Topcon sl-d2 is also highly cost-effective and comes at very low rates.

5. Topcon sl-2g

Unlike other types of slit lamps, this one comes with LED which is more durable and effective than bulb configurations.

The frames are highly adjustable to maintain focus. The tool is also properly configured in such that it’s very hard to lose illumination.

The tool is also cost-friendly and is able to achieve all the functions needed for a comprehensive eye observation.  The joystick is also an averagely firm and is able to achieve

6. Zeiss sl 220

It contains LED illumination, unlike traditional slit lamps. It is highly affordable and is easy to use since it also comes with a manual. Needless to say, it is highly portable and can move in a variety of directions. More to that it also has a joystick that is easy to move and tilt.

There are a variety of magnification lengths from small magnifications to huge ones that help to show an overview of various eye lenses from shallow to deep and detailed observations. It also contains a robust frame that helps to hold the face of the person being observed.

7. Zeiss sl 130

The frame on this biomicroscope is epic. It contains a range of knobs that help to ensure the accuracy by having multiple effects on the frame until the appropriate tilt for the knob is found. Zeiss sl 130 comes with a range of microscopes and accessories that help in the proper functioning of the system.

8. Reichert xcel 255

You cannot buy this instrument if you are not a physician yourself or given authority by a physician. It is highly advised that when you are using this tool you should ensure that you have all the covers on. This is because this slit lamp contains a lot of electromagnetic energy whose effect can be influenced in a negative way by the human body.

This instrument is used to mainly diagnose problems that are occurring on the anterior parts of the eye. The Reichert xcel 255  comes in packages. You must carefully read the manual when configuring the Reichert xcel 255 tool to ensure that you do not miss out on any point.  More to that the tool comes with a focusing rod to ensure optimum accuracy of the data in question.

The biomicroscope can be used in a wide range of applications. Despite being used in keeping a fixed face it also a highly usable tool for veterinary officers. The slit length and width is adjusted by knobs that are beside the biomicroscope.

The joystick is used to perform two functions. One it is used to adjust the amount of illumination to the eye of the patient. It is also used to help focus the slit to the eye of the patient. However, as a health professional, you should ensure that you practice several times before you try on an actual patient because it’s an uncomfortable experience that should be done as fast as possible.

9. Kowa sl-15

One of the most noticeable features is the extended magnification of 10X and 16X. The slits contain varying differences and hence can easily be fitted into each other. The optical quality is very high in Kowa sl-15 and focus is basically easy to maintain. The joystick is highly mobile, flexible and easy to use.

Kowa sl-15 has embedded software that allows proper imaging and enables the drawing of 3D and 2D images for proper viewing and analyzing of data taken from the eyes.

However, the frame used in Kowa sl-15 is not advanced as in other types of slit lamps. The best part about this slit lamp is that it is very cheap compared to a majority of slit lamps but still up to the task.

10. Keeler PSL One

The keeler PSL is portable and very effective to use. Needless to say, it has a range of controls and has a wide range of focus. The slit lamp is also rechargeable and when charged it is highly mobile/ movable.

Keeler PSL also comes with a warranty and will basically help give you a quality amount of service. It also uses Galilean drum technology and has a wide range of controls that enable accuracy and proper diagnosis of the systems.

The tonometer is handheld and easy to use. It also contains a high level of accuracy. The best part about Keeler PSL is that it is generally cheap. The keeler PSL has a strong frame and able to endure high pressures around.

One notable feature about the PSL is that it has a high magnification unlike other kinds of instruments. It has high levels of accuracy and hence can be in a position to handle quite a large number of audiences.

Is Slit Lamp worth for your practice?

Needless to say, the slit lamp helps in professional analyzing of data about the eye by a specialist. The traditional analysis involved a lot of processes and was basically very tedious and painful to the patient whose eyes were being observed. Newer


Having an accurate and fast diagnosis of eye problems is a crucial step for both health professionals and patients. This can only be achieved by having an appropriate slit lamp biomicroscopy tool. Actual reviewing of different slit lamps is crucial to ensure your budget is carefully looked at and enhanced. Buy slit lamp at ophthalmetry with free shipping and discount.

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I'm obsessed with ophthalmic instruments. Ophthalmic experience or medical helping background like such as preparing patients and handling technical equipment. It covers areas like fundamental tonometry, lensometry, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, visual and pupillary evaluation, instrument maintenance, and legal and regulatory difficulties.
Sarah Perez

I'm obsessed with ophthalmic instruments. Ophthalmic experience or medical helping background like such as preparing patients and handling technical equipment. It covers areas like fundamental tonometry, lensometry, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, visual and pupillary evaluation, instrument maintenance, and legal and regulatory difficulties.

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