What is the World’s Best Retinal Imaging?

What is the World’s Best Retinal Imaging?

The importance of digital retinal imaging cannot be overstated. Although optometrists still use ophthalmoscopes for regular eye exams to view the back of the eye, retinal imaging offers a superior view of the retina – sharper and wider. Whenever possible, it should be used in conjunction with the analog ophthalmoscope, as retinal imaging, in rare cases of bleeding, can’t detect a disease in that area.

Benefits of Retinal Imaging

What retinal imaging does show is:

  • The retina – the intersection impact of light and images

  • The optic disk that through the optic nerve delivers information to the brain for interpretation

  • The blood vessels

Retinal imaging allows for new predictive capability not previously possible. For eye diseases to be treated efficiently, it’s critical that they are discovered as early as possible, and only digital retinal imaging facilitates that possibility. Also, the test is entirely painless, not invasive, and the results are not prone to misinterpretation by the doctor. Furthermore, the optometrist can promptly share the images with other eye specialists via the internet, store them, and automatically compare them with previous scans using specialized software.

Can You Take Retinal Imaging?

Depending on your medical policy coverage, and the reason for taking the test, you may be covered for such a precise exam. However, once you get into a certain age (above 40), it would be prudent to do retinal imaging scans every time you see your eye doctor. Countless people have lost their eyesight simply because it was too late to deploy effective treatment.

Which Conditions Necessitate Retinal Imaging?

If you have the following conditions, you should definitely include the retinal imaging scan as your standard procedure when visiting a doctor:

Diabetes – The disease of the modern era, as food industry pumps carbohydrates into every kind of food item you can find in stores. You have probably noticed that diabetes is strongly associated with limb amputations. This is because diabetes damages the blood vessels, and your eyes are full of delicate blood vessels. If this condition is continued undetected, it may permanently damage your eyesight.

Macular Degeneration – Practically inevitable with increased age. Common first symptoms are occasional blurriness and loss of focus. Two types of macular degeneration can occur – wet and dry – and for both models, retinal imaging is critical for their early discovery and treatment.

Glaucoma – Caused by the buildup of fluids, it can damage your optic nerve to the point of total vision loss. Fortunately, the progress is slow so it can be treated with eye drops that are designed to lower the pressure that comes from the fluid buildup.

Retinal ToxicitySometimes certain drugs have side effects that can cause damage to your retina. This is especially applicable for the arthritis drug called Plaquenil, which contains hydroxychloroquine.

In case your doctor is stumped as to the cause of your vision problems, retinal imaging is the go-to solution to form the correct diagnosis.

The Most Advanced Diagnostic Solution in One Place

Based in Oakland, NJ, the innovative Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) is specialized in medical diagnostic equipment: optical coherence tomography, retinal cameras, slit lamps, wavefront & topography system, topographers, tonometers, ophthalmometers, and specular microscopes.

Now, TMS has developed the Topcon Fundus Camera which is the best retinal imaging in the world and can be used in conjunction with the TRC-NW300, and TRC-NW8 non-mydriatic capture systems, both running the IMAGEnet® 5 system. Through WiFi, with the range of up to 30ft, this exceedingly useful review station allows the operators to view the images from the IMAGEnet® 5 capture station, with only a 5-second lag while the captured image is formatted and saved into a standard jpeg.

As the optometrist performs the retinal imaging procedure, the wireless review station can be freely carried from room to room within a 30ft range. It’s compatible with all commercially available accessories such as an additional monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

The Topcon Fundus Camera package includes the WiFi-capable IMAGEnet® System Notebook with the preinstalled IMAGEnet® 5 review software. Of course, a wireless router needs to be connected via USB cable to the main capture station. This enables the inclusion of additional wireless review stations to become a part of the network without the need for additional routers. Altogether, an entire facility can seamlessly view the results taken from a single IMAGEnet® 5 capture station.

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