Reichert 7CR is the best in the world to makes Patients Visions Better

Reichert 7CR is the best in the world to makes Patients Visions Better

Reichert 7CR

Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer Corneal 

If you’re looking for a Glaucoma Tonometer equipment with reliable accurately characterizing the biomechanical properties of the cornea, the Reichert 7CR is just what you need. A brain child of Reichert Technologies, the Reichert 7CR utilizes the latest patented bi-directional applanation process.

It is not only accurate but also allows to reduce the impact on the IOP (intraocular pressure) measurement. The measurement is commonly referred to as Corneal Compensated IOP (IOPcc), and due to the special features of the Reichert 7CR, it is not affected by corneal thickness, elastic characteristics or common surgical procedures such as PRK and LASIK. This means that even Goldmann Applanation cannot compete with Corneal Compensated IOP, as the latter is a much better indicator of glaucoma risk compared to other tonometry measures.

This is because unlike the Reichert 7CR, traditional tonometry measures are typically affected by corneal properties, which reduces the accuracy of the IOP measurements.

The revolutionary Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) of the Reichert 7CR helps quantify the biomechanical properties of the cornea, which allows to accurately determine Corneal Compensated Intraocular Pressure (IOPcc). This unique measurement helps specialists gain a better understanding of tonometry values their patients present with. In turn, this means better-tailored treatment plans, higher success rates, and accurate diagnoses.

Some of the key features of the Reichert 7CR include:

  • Colour LCD display with all key measures projected on it
  • Highly intuitive touch screen interface,  which does not require extensive operator training
  • Fast and easy patient positioning with no awkward chinrests, joysticks or elevation controls. Patients are simply required to lean against the convenient forehead rest. Fixation clues are obvious which ensures fast alignment, and the latter is completely automated.
  • Triple-measurement mode, which allows performing three consecutive intraocular pressure measurements with just one press of a button.
  • Electronic data transfer (the device has an inbuilt USB port)
  • Internal printer producing high-quality images

Your clinic will benefit from purchasing the Reichert 7CR if your specialists deal with the following conditions on a regular basis:

  • Post-refractive surgery patients (including LASIK)
  • Typical glaucoma cases
  • Patients with primary open angle glaucoma
  • Corneal oedema
  • Fuchs’ oedema
  • Patients with atypical corneas (e.g. abnormally thick, thin or otherwise biomechanically altered)
  • Keratoconus patients
  • And more

Considering that glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness, and measuring IOP is a routine part of diagnosing and managing this dangerous condition, the Reichert 7CR is a great investment for any advanced ophthalmic business. Its effectiveness is supported by numerous peer-reviewed publications in reputable medical journals. These rigorous studies ensure that by choosing the Reichert 7CR you’re getting yourself a highly advanced, extremely reliable piece of equipment.

Additionally, the Reichert 7CR has priced attractively compared to many other tools that lack its innovative features.

We hope you found this review informative. Please let us know if you require more specific information about this wonderful model, and we will contact you quickly with detailed answers!

Purchase the Reichert 7CR from us today to receive the best deal!

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