This is the useful portable fundus camera for Optometrists

This is the useful portable fundus camera for Optometrists

Portable Fundus Camera
Portable Fundus Camera

Portable Fundus Camera Best Features and Functions

Retinal cameras are often bulky and heavy which can be a hindrance if you have to do outreach and screening outside of the office. Portable imaging devices are advantageous these days. Aside from its excellent features and functions which are just similar to conventional imaging equipment, they are mostly lightweight which can easily be transported or transferred. These type of imaging units are beneficial in advancing the patient range when it comes to retinal imaging technology.

If the particular thing you are searching for is a handheld and portable retinal camera or a portable fundus camera that is specially and expertly designed to provide only high-quality images, you are in the right place since There are a couple of new fundus and retinal imaging unit just for you. Here is a basic look at these imaging units, their features, and amazing functions.

Nidek VersaCam DS-20 Fundus Camera


The Nidek VersaCam DS-20 Portable Fundus Camera is a truly versatile and portable imaging unit which can be easily used to perform screening virtually anywhere. This portable fundus camera can also provide high-quality images with the use of the 5-megapixel and clear color camera of the device. It also provides a 40 degrees vertical angle of view and 45 degrees for the horizontal angle of view in the images taken which achieves the ease of use for the image capture of patients who are either in a supine or seated position.

It features both easy image capture and image review with its autofocus function and the seven internal fixation lightings that the device is equipped with. Image capture can be done with just a single button while also maintaining the stable fixations. There are also several accessories which can be used with the Nidek VersaCam DS-20 Fundus Camera. However, they are optional. It includes a slit lamp attachment with a foot switch which is useful in minimizing the image blur that is often caused by the movement of the hand during the measurement. The 3.5 inches of a color LCD touchscreen of the VersaCam DS-20 can also provide an easier review of the data taken.

The device also features a straightforward data management and transfer. The captured images are saved on the external memory card. It can also be transferred and managed by the picture filing software for all Nidek devices such as the NAVIS-EX.

Aside from its amazing features and functions for fundus imaging, one of the best things in using the Nidek VersaCam DS-20 is its excellent portability. The device only weighs about 445 grams which are extremely portable for its kind. It also has a carrying case specifically designed for this model to provide convenience during transport. It also includes a rechargeable battery that can provide you with 3 hours of continuous usage.

Volk Pictor Portable Retinal Camera


The Volk Pictor Retinal Camera is a portable handheld device which can provide a broad range of imaging capabilities along with its interchangeable modules. It includes various imaging modules for examination such as otoscopic, dermatoscopic, and an ophthalmic or retinal module that is for both anterior and posterior segment.

It is a versatile retinal handheld device that can provide high-resolution ophthalmic imaging specifically in anterior imaging. It can get a digital image of the total surface of the eye especially the areas that are surrounding the eye itself. The retinal module of the Volk Pictor Portable Retinal Camera can also enable you to do a non-mydriatic eye fundus examination. It can make a retinal image capture with an impressive 45 degrees field of the view.

With the use of the Volk Pictor, optometrists can now capture high-resolution JPEG files with a 5.0-megapixel resolution. Videos can also be taken in MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 with the resolution in general mode of 2560 x 1920 pixels. The automatic focusing feature of the Volk Pictor Portable Camera also comes in handy to make sure that you get high-quality images. These digital still and video images can provide an accurate first diagnosis which improves the patient care especially for planning a consistent follow-up treatment. It also has a 2 GB image data storage available. The user-friendly interface of the device includes the patient folders and the image preview.

It also features a simple integration which can be quickly adopted into the daily examination routines. It can easily connect or upload to any kind of patient database system or any computer. It can connect to a basic computer system provided that it has a USB port. There is also no driver installation needed for you to upload and access the files. The Volk Piktor also features an interface to the FDA as well as CE approved image analyst software. It is also now interfaced with the EMR software solutions.

One of the benefits of using the Volk Pictor Portable Camera is its infrared viewing diode which significantly improves the retinal lens of the device. It allows focus and alignment on the retinal image without having to flood the posterior pole with heavy lighting and heat that is often the cause of the use of conventional white light in most retinal cameras.

This retinal camera is extremely portable that it can fit in a small briefcase which will allow you to carry wherever you go with no hassle. It is also truly lightweight which only weighs 1 lb., for the whole briefcase. Included with the device are two batteries which feature a usage time of 3 hours under continuous use. It can easily be used in the office or even in field conditions outside the office which can be extremely useful in rapidly extending the various telemedicine applications.

Using the Volk Piktor Portable Retinal Camera has improved the imaging technology which also makes it possible to screen a more variety of patients, thanks to its two ophthalmic modules and its functions for other multi-specialty practices.

We hope that you were able to get a glimpse as well as some interesting information in this review. If you have more questions about specific details about this excellent model, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will give a more detailed answer to your questions!

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