Optos Daytona is The best-selling for optometrists all of time

Optos Daytona is The best-selling for optometrists all of time

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Optos Daytona

You need the Optos Daytona. For a human, eyes are one of the most sensitive organs. They require good care when well and excellent diagnosis when struck by disease. There are various types of diseases which plague our eyes. Examples of these are cataracts, infection, and stye. Some of these conditions can cause irritation while others can lead to blindness. As such, whenever your eyes have some sort of disease symptom, it is best to get medical help before it gets worse. When your eyes are not feeling well, they receive care from doctors know as an ophthalmologist.

There are establishments set up by these experts to care for our eyes known as optometrists. Manufacturers such as Ophthalmetry keep these establishments stocked with the latest, high-tech equipment. Ophthalmetry is a medical company based in Singapore specializing in the production of equipment that is used in the care and treatment of the eyes. They make use of a variety of techniques to accomplish this. An example of the products they have is the Optos Daytona. This is a high precision instrument that takes images of the retina for analysis by ophthalmologists. Here is more on the facility, the device and what it is used for.

Discover Ophthalmetry

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This is a facility that creates ophthalmic instruments for the top eye care brands in the world. They create tools which are innovative and affordable. The company seeks to satisfy the needs of medical experts in the critical field of ophthalmology. They create high-quality equipment, provide top level customer service and offer a money-back guarantee lasting for 30 days with free shipping in case their products do not satisfy your ophthalmic needs.

Ophthalmetry is the largest provider of ophthalmic equipment in Asia. Their variety ranges from supplying Fundus Cameras with lenses to providing hand-held autorefractors for specialized use. To maintain integrity, honesty, and experience, Ophthalmetry provides its customers with premium products such as the Optos Daytona. Just like all other instruments provided by this reliable brand, this digital retinal scanner will work on first use and keep doing so for a lifetime. Moreover, it is provided to you at the most affordable price possible. In this way, you get value for every cent you spend on it. Here is more on this
a cutting-edge piece of equipment.

What is the Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner?

This is a device which helps ophthalmologists to perform retinal scans and see what is essentially invisible to the naked eye. It does so with no need for any dilation or eye drops. The device makes use of ultra-high resolution technology to capture images through pupils only 2mm in diameter. The unit can also perform the retinal scans right through cataracts. How is it able to do this? The Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner is non-mydriatic, laser powered and capable of ultra-widefield scanning.

To guarantee accuracy and effectiveness, this retinal scanner makes use of 2 lasers. They scan the retina through an undilated iris. Using this technology, the device is able to create optomaps. The Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner can provide medical practitioners with high detail images. It does so by allowing color differences in the optomaps produced. You can use the device to get a red laser view, a green laser view or a color composite view too. In this way, it is possible for you to see even the most minute detail on the retina.

On purchasing the Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner, you get a variety of accessories and parts to complement it and make the unit work properly.

These include:

  • An electorally-assisted stand
  • A cover
  • A computer-compatible stand
  • Clothing cover
  • A computer system
  • A keyboard
  • A mouse
  • A monitor

All these products are provided with the purchase of the Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner and are covered by a 2-year warranty. In addition to that, you get professional moving, transfer or transportation of the entire system whenever you require during this period. All these products were available in a variety of colors such as red, blue, white and black. The device is available from Ophthalmetry for $20,685.00.

How does retinal scanning work?

Retinal scanning was developed in the 1980s. Its objective was for use in the diagnosis of eye diseases and also for biometric security systems. While commonly used in diagnosis and treatment through devices such as the Optos Daytona
Digital Retinal Scanner, retinal scanning is not so often performed as a biometric security measure. Iris scanning is used much more for this purpose.

What do retinal scans do?

When an ophthalmologist uses the Optos Daytona to take a retinal scan, they essentially map out the unique patterns of the patient’s retina. It has been noticed that the blood vessels of the retina normally absorb light more easily than the rest of the tissue. As such, with appropriate lighting, they are much more easily noticeable hence can be scanned.

With Optos Daytona, doctors can take a retinal image of a patient’s retina. With a scanning laser, doctors can monitor in-depth retinal images and provide to patients enhanced

How is the retinal scan done?

To perform the scan, a beam of low energy, unperceived infra-red light is cast into the patient’s eye as they look through the eyepiece of an instrument such as the Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner. The beam works to create a path which is standardized upon the retina. This path essentially creates the scan.

After the beam has created a scan, it is submitted to special software installed in an adjoining, dedicated computer system. This software identifies and compiles the unique characteristics of the retinal blood vessels. After doing this, it creates a template. The algorithms in the software are programmed to ensure that the resultant scan is of the highest quality possible.

As such, a user cannot edit, verify or log into the image display function until this is achieved. After the requirements have been achieved, the system produces a high resolution, top quality retinal scan to be used for diagnosis or otherwise.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, and the Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner can help you to capture high-resolution images of this organ. Designed by Opthalmetry, it is a high-tech piece of equipment that is highly valuable for ophthalmic care. This device is a perfect example of modern technology assisting in the provision of medical care at an affordable price.

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