Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner available at Ophthalmetry

Optos Daytona Digital Retinal Scanner available at Ophthalmetry

Optos Daytona Scanner
Optos Daytona Scanner

Optos Daytona Scanner can be defined as a digital machine, non-mydriatic (that does not need or produce pupil dilation), with an ultra-wide field scanning laser ophthalmoscope.

In medicine, technology allows improving the instruments that a doctor uses to diagnose and treat his/her patients very fast. So, most specialties benefit from technological improvements.

For example, Ophthalmology counts on a huge number of instruments improved by technology through the years, and Ophthalmetry is one of the leading enterprises in developing and selling the newest ophthalmic instruments.

One of the best instruments that we offer in Ophthalmetry is the Optos Daytona Retinal Scanner. Optos Daytona is a vital instrument because a thorough review of the retina can help to reveal not only ophthalmologic issues but also general health issues from abnormalities in the retina and affect the patient’s vision (like the Diabetes Mellitus).

In other terms, Optos Daytona Scanner is an innovative instrument that allows the doctors to perform a detailed retinal scan and detect some injuries that otherwise are invisible to the human eye.

Likewise, Optos Daytona Scanner provides the doctor with many ultra-high-resolution imaging and captures of the retina so the doctor can focus the specific areas that appear to have some injuries or abnormalities to check them with more precision.

Other significant advantages of using Optos Daytona Scanner is that no eyedrops neither pupilar dilation are required before scanning the retina. Likewise, this Ophthalmetry instrument can be used in patients with cataracts because its laser rays are not interfered or affected by the opacity of the lens.

These are huge advantages because patients with Glaucoma or advanced cataracts can’t be adequately studied with traditional ophthalmoscopes.

The advantages of Optos Daytona Scanner compared to traditional ophthalmoscopes is that the first one takes a scan of the retina with its double laser rays (a red and a green laser) that can enter in the eye through 2mm pupils (approximate pupil size without dilatation) and reach the retina to take high-quality images that later will be observed by the doctor.

The retinal abnormalities must be detected and treated as soon as possible to avoid both eye and general health complications. So, another important advantage of undergoing a Digital Retinal Scan with Optos Daytona is that it can help the doctor to detect the retinal issues and abnormalities in earlier stages than they are usually identified with conventional instruments.

It is always important to remember that a qualified doctor is needed to manipulate this innovative instrument to perform a proper diagnose and provide the best treatment and results for the patient.

Financially speaking, the Optos Daytona Scanner costs $29,550.00. Many experts consider that the benefits obtained by using this instrument are so huge that it is worth every penny invested.

If you are interested in buying the Optos Daytona Scanner, you can contact us through our phone (+65 6238 8888) or write to our email ([email protected]) to obtain more information.

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