Which OCT Machine is the best for Ophthalmologists this year

Which OCT Machine is the best for Ophthalmologists this year

Which OCT Machine is the best for Ophthalmologists this year

Best OCT machine ophthalmology

Optical coherence tomography often referred to as OCT, is a non-invasive medical imaging technique involving capturing micrometer-resolution 3D images from biological tissue utilising the properties of light. It was discovered relatively recently – about 15 years ago – and since the technology was integrated into clinical practice, it has become increasingly popular among ophthalmologists. The most recent iteration of OCT is the spectral or Fourier domain technology, although the older time domain technology is still available also.

OCT is based on low-coherence interferometry. Unlike conventional interferometry with long coherence length, in OCT the distance is shortened to mere micrometers. This is due to the use of sources that emit light over a broad range of frequencies, or broad-bandwidth light sources. Such lights can be generated by using superluminescent diodes or femtosecond lasers.

Ophthalmologists predominantly use OCT machines to capture high-resolution images of the eye’s anterior segment and retina. Any specialised OCT machine can used for these purposes. Additional applications include assess macular degeneration, as well as assessing axonal integrity in multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. In addition, using an OCT machine is considered the new standard for the assessment of diabetic macular oedema. Ophthalmic OCT devices can also help with performing angiography, as well as examining retinal microvasculature pathology in various conditions, including diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

With so many potential uses, it is important that clinicians know how to find the best OCT machine ophthalmology has ever encountered. Today, we would like to answer an extremely important question: “Which OCT Machine is the best for Ophthalmologists this year?”

We have done extensive research and hand-picked the best OCT machines around, so you do not have to guess and waste your time browsing through thousands of listings. We are confident that one of the devices listed below is indeed your perfect OCT machine – so keep reading to find out more!


Price: $25,893.00


This OCT machine uses the Advanced RPE Analysis, providing highest resolution visualization capabilities and effectively tracking retinal pigment epithelial integrity. The device, CARL ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 uses the Ganglion Cell Analysis technology, which is perfect for glaucomatous loss assessment.

The device features an active eye-tracking mechanism which can trace and compensate eye motion in real time. Inbuilt FastTrac retinal tracking reduces eye motion artefacts without sacrificing the comfort of your patients.

Technical specifications of this OCT machine are the following:

  • OCT Imaging
  • Methodology: Spectral domain OCT
  • Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm
  • Scan speed: 27K- 68K A-scans per second
  • A-scan: 2.0 mm (in tissue), 1024
  • Axial resolution: 5 μm (in tissue)
  • Transverse resolution: 15 μm (in tissue)

The device comes with a new printer, keyboard, and mouse, as well as all peripherals. This goes without saying that you also get all relevant documentation, including warranty certificates!

Nidek OCT RS-3000 Advance

Price: $10,885.00


Nidek OCT RS-3000 Advance is an economical OCT machine that is comprised of the main body which captures images and the computer which handles the processes and provides storage space.

The machine is perfect for evaluation of the choroid and the retina.

According to the manufacturer, some of the key features of this OCT machine include:

  • Retinal Camera and OCT combined
  • Anterior imaging
  • Superb macula image using SLO technology
  • Wide-field imaging from macula to disc
  • Tracing HD plus for accuracy
  • Selectable OCT sensitivity for enhanced visualisation where required
  • Accurate image capture using the Torsion Eye Tracer (TET) technology
  • Multifunctional customised reports for easy follow-ups

As you can see, this OCT machine is the great value, as it doubles up as a powerful retinal camera – all for a very attractive price. RS-3000 is the best OCT machine ophthalmology multitasking has ever seen!

Optovue RTVue Fourier Domain SD OCT System

Price: $14,950.00


Standing in the mid-price range, this OCT machine uses an innovative Fourier-Domain SD-OCT System. This innovative Fourier-Domain SD-OCT System enables the Optovue RTVue to perform high-speed, high-resolution tomography scanning that often used for retina imaging and analysis in clinical environments. Optovue RTVue works at extremely high clarity, which means only a fraction of a second is required to visualize the retinal tissue and evaluate post-refractive patients accurately, providing a realistic prognosis.

Some of the features of this incredible OCT machine include:

  • Ultra-high speed and high-density mapping
  • High Resolution
  • Two scan depth for imaging a tilted disk.
  • Two image modes
  • High transverse scan resolution
  • Video fundus image for high-quality retina image
  • Non-mydriatic imaging for fundus imaging

The device comes with a complete computer set operating on Win XP OS, which already has the latest iteration of the 6.8v System Software. There is also a printer, a table and some new peripherals in the package.

This OCT machine comes with a comprehensive warranty, which means you will not have to worry about any unpleasant surprises!

General considerations for picking an OCT machine for your practice

It is easy to get overwhelmed with so many options available out there!

However, you will have a better idea of which OCT machine to pick for your business after carefully considering the following factors:

  • How much space do you have available?
  • How easy the device is to operate? Will any extra staff training be required, and if so, how much?
  • Can the device perform certain actions automatically, which saves time?
  • How robust is the software that comes with the OCT machine? Is it well-maintained and frequently updated?
  • Is there a built-in fundus camera?


Choosing the right new equipment is a difficult task for any practice or clinic involved in optometry – and picking a new OCT machine is no exception. At the same time, it is a worthy assignment, as a quality OCT machine is a sound investment. Once it is purchased, you will likely find that an OCT machine seamlessly fits into day-to-day activities.

Before taking a plunge, it is important to consider several factors, including your budget, available space, and your typical patient profile. We hope that the suggestions above will make the process less cumbersome for you, and you will find a perfect OCT machine in no time!

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