Lasik Laser: Which Excimer Laser is the Best?

Lasik Laser: Which Excimer Laser is the Best?

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Lasik Laser: Which Excimer Laser is the Best?

Laser refractive surgeries, like Lasek, PRK, and Lasik, use a specialized Lasik laser to restructure the cornea and correct any refractive inaccuracies like myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, and astigmatism.

The Popularity of Excimer Laser

There are many types of Lasik lasers used for Lasik eye surgery, but excimer is the most preferred option by many with regards to corrective eye surgery. This is because excimer is the most technologically advanced type of laser today.

Excimer lasers are the cool laser. It works by removing the desired portion of the corneal tissue, without heating up or harming the surrounding tissue. Quite amazingly, excimer lasers are extremely precise that it’s able to remove 0.5% of a human hair width at a time. Excimer assisted Lasik surgery is not a gimmick, but a real technology leveraged procedure.

Excimer lasers have changed the field of laser eye surgery. Latest developments in this technology have augmented the efficacy, safety as well as predictability of corneal refractive surgery. There are numerous types of FDA approved excimer lasers available for use in eye correction surgery. Below are just some of the best excimer lasers available.

Top Excimer Lasers

Nidek EC5000 Excimer Laser System

This is a new technologically advanced Lasik laser Nidek used for Refractive surgery. It offers expanded treatment choices to restructure the cornea or cure myopia, as well as determine whether astigmatism is present or not. Nidek EC500 is a very popular Lasik laser for surgeons all over the world. It helps them treat people with big pupils efficiently and safely. Powered by illumination beams, EC5000 provides state-of-the-art computerized performance giving surgeons accurate control of laser beam delivery arm.

  • Features of Nidek EC5000

The Nidek EC5000 is integrated with state of the art features including constant monitoring of laser, automatic calculation, little surgical augmentation rate, no minimum pupil size, advanced scanning system, smaller than past models, it comes with hardware modules and PC unit, advanced algorithms and superb surgical result, defensive mechanisms security, laser with advanced algorithms to optimized treatments and excellent protective mechanisms.

  • Benefits of Nidek EC5000

Nidek EC5000 has long transition zone. Thus it has the range to effectively and safely treat patients with the large pupil. This Lasik laser makes a smooth surface on your cornea and leads to a better vision. It comes with an eye tracker and due to its advanced computerized system. The computer tracks the system parameters constantly.

Alcon Wavelight FS200

The Wavelight FS200 from Alcon is the quickest excimer laser available and made to provide extremely accurate and predictable outcomes.

This Lasik laser is capable of making a flap into the specific needs of a patient at about six minutes. The flap heals firmly and securely compared to a flap that is generated leading to a flap which is resistant to scratch or damage and more hard-wearing.

Femto-Lasik is the latest approach of a laser vision correction, an advanced level of Lasik surgery. The Actol Wavelight FS200 laser is the quickest femtosecond laser on hand in the United States, with an average flap formation time of six seconds. It comes with a swivel bed intended to make the most out of time between the production of the flap and the laser procedures.

Revolutionary integrated engineering is very beneficial in minimizing the potential for patient fixation tiredness, eye movement’s sensitivity, and cornea stromal dehydration.

  • Features of Alcon Wavelight FS200

Wavelight FS200 100 percent blade-free Lasik surgery is the latest standard for safety and quality in Lasik. Also, it is the only technology to give patients with 100% blade-free surgery. It has the safest and precise Lasik process.

The 100% blade-free technique substitutes the hand-held microkeratome blade used in generating Lasik corneal flap with a technologically-guided, ultra-fast fem to second laser. This Lasik laser has been confirmed to give the patient a 20/20 vision and beyond.

  • Benefits of Alcon Wavelight FS200

Alcon Wavelight FS200 offers you better vision. It also produced thinner flaps. Patients previously not considered as a good candidate for Lasik surgery due to thin corners can be now be treated using this Lasik laser.

Alcon Wavelight EX500

Another breakthrough in Lasik laser from Alcon, the Wavelight EX500 provides the surgeon precise control and enhances the safety profile on older devices. This laser unit is integrated with scanning spot usually utilized in the refractive procedure, and it utilizes 193nm operating electromagnetic wavelength.

  • Features of Alcon Wavelight EX500

This Lasik laser can be intended in a way that it fits firmly into a refractive suite of laser and diagnostic devices produced by the company. It is integrated with tracking technology that composed of 4 light located in positions the same to the corners of a rectangle, utilizing a 5t fixation lighting setup in the middle of the rectangle.

The Alcon Wavelight EX500 has the ability to measure and monitor corneal thickness before, during as well as after the procedure. The measurement and treatment information is recorded through an auto-log data storage system made to keep tracking patient’s records fast and easy.

  • Benefits of Alcon Wavelight EX500

This Lasik laser provides the fastest treatment due to its 500 Hz repeat speed. The speed of healing is essential as it prevents fracture of the embryo that leads to better outcomes. Wavelight EX500 also provides precise treatment due to its multi-dimensional eye tracker which regulates your eye position 1000 times per second, leading to consistent treatment. This latest development in Lasik laser lessens the occurrence of the complication. Another remarkable thing about this Lasik laser is that it has the widest ranges of treatment on hand. It can cure the highest degrees of astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. So, those who are not eligible for Lasik treatment, worry no more because EX500 is the perfect option for you.

Alcon Wavelight Allegretto 400Hz Excimer Laser

The Wavelight Allegretto 400Hz is wholly refurbished Excimer Laser from Alcon. This Lasik laser utilized a collection of hi-tech innovations to optimize laser vision correction, offering remarkable clinical outcomes in Wavefront Guided and Wavefront Optimized. This is FDA certified for topography-guided laser eyesight correction as well, integrating refractive inaccuracy of your eye and corneal errors to habit the ablations of the laser.

  • Features of Alcon Wavelight Allegretto 400Hz Excimer Laser

The high-speed laser and eye tracker yield safe and efficient, leading to augmented throughput, minimized environmental exposure as well as desired results. Minimal complications and re-treatments broaden to you and to the safety of your patients. At present, this Lasik laser takes technology to a higher level with the fastest excimer laser technology on hand today.

  • Benefits of Alcon Wavelight Allegretto 400Hz Excimer Laser

Alcon Wavelight Allegretto offers many benefits such as doesn’t persuade higher order aberration, a precise eye tracker, sustains the original shape of your cornea, a perfect pulse system, wavefront technology, faster pulse rate, and fewer side effects.


In general, while specific Lasik laser system plays a very important role in laser eyesight procedure, in the end still it is your surgeon’s experience and skills the really matters. However, due to the latest and state of the art features integrated with these lasik lasers, eye surgery procedure is now easier and faster compared before.

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